Yellow and Black for Fall


Ah yes, Autumn. The leaves are just starting to turn color but there is now a chill in the air. To welcome in the new season is a new outfit in pale buttery yellow and black. Last week or so I went to my favorite antique shop ever and got this amazing 1950s black and cream check dress. I bought another dress at the same time as this one which will be perfect for spring and I am so sad to say that these were the last dresses I would ever buy there again. The place is closing up. I am heartbroken because this was where I got most of my best vintage and it was so close to home. I know it may seem so silly and shallow to be heartbroken over something like this but I had a lot of memories there. I also got a great black corde bag from there which I am using here. 

I think the real star of this outfit is the hat which just so happens to match my swing coat perfectly!! The hat was from a seriously good vintage haul from earlier this fall from a place I had never been to before. It was really far away from home so this place is I may only be able to visit once a year. I love the swirl of this cute hat and, drumroll, it is a Hattie Carnegie Hat! This was one of two Hattie Carnegie hats that I was able to take home from this amazing place. Honestly, as sad as I am about my favorite vintage source closing, I am so glad that I was able to find a replacement.