Featuring A Little Black Jacket and More


My first true garment post of the year is all about my most recent vintage purchase, a little black jacket. This item was a part of my latest vintage haul which you can read about here. I bought this item because I thought that it would pair really well with my little black dresses. So far, that is proving to be very true because not only does this jacket pair well with my dresses, but with my hats, purses, and heels as well. I'd say we have a winner here! Also featured here is a new item - my little black straw hat with white flowers. When I had the jacket in my basket, I added the hat because it looked so cute with it. Then I added the white gloves, also new, because they looked cute with the hat. . .It snowballed on me, o.k. Normally I don't buy a whole outfit at once, but I think I should in the future. Instead, I buy a piece here for that look and then a little something for another look. I'm also thinking about just buying black because it goes with absolutely everything . . .It's easy to pair and wear. 

Overall, I am really happy with this look, its cute, feminine, and simple. I think the best part of this look is the subtle detailing. The velvet of the jacket, the little butterflies in the hat, the floral embroidery in the gloves. When broken down, there is a lot going on but looking at the bigger picture, it balances out so well. 

The dress that I paired with the jacket was one I had owned for many years now and it has been a really faithful wardrobe item. Worn on its own, it is a great piece for evening and now that I have a jacket to wear over it, it can be worn for during the day much easier. Another reason to maybe stick to buying jus black accessories and such from here on out. . .Although don't worry, I have a lot of colorful sewing projects in the works as we read. I also have a hair and makeup tutorial in the works too so if you love this look, then stay tuned next week for that. 


  1. I have long loved vintage clothing, especially these little black jackets. I enjoy this site! Although I had to post anonymously because I couldn't figure out how else to post!


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