Tutorial: Floral Hair Clips


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First tutorial of the year! Today here is a quick and easy tutorial for little clips that you could wear in your hair on your clothes, for me, these are the cutest hair clips. 


Small or medium sized flowers and leaves. For my clips, I used two kinds of leaves, and I used one inch diameter flowers. 

Two Inch Long Alligator Clips

Hot Glue

The Steps:

To assemble these, make sure your glue gun is at the ready, be careful, it will be hot. To catch the glue that runs, I use a paper plate, piece of cardboard, or folded cardstock to place the gun on.  

Take an alligator clip and run a line of hit glue down the length. Glue two leaves to the clip. This will offer a platform for the flower decoration and help camouflage the alligator clip. Let the leaves dry/cool before moving on. 

Next, glue a flower and leaves to the clip, Position the additional leaves if desired. I positioned my leaves, so they pointed to the opening end of the clip. Let dry/cool. Done! Wow, wasn't that just too easy? I think so. What is fun is that you can do short clips or long ones by changing the lengths of the floral stems used. To make longer ones, I kept the flowers on their long wire stems and added other flowers to them. This way I got small clips and bigger looking ones all on the same two-inch alligator clip. 

These were so fast, fun and easy to make that I made all sorts of them which you can see here. By using alligator clips, these will stay in the hair nice and secure. These clips have a really strong grip as I am finding out for myself. I'm not sure what outfit I will wear with these first, but I think they will make a nice presentation either single or in a grouping.