On The Sewing Table: 1943 Wrap Dress


Another creation from my Eva Dress pattern haul, this time a wrap dress. My gosh, I think this may be the second wrap dress I have ever made but the first one that I honestly was in love with. I love how this one fits and its quite modest too. It has great coverage, and I am not afraid of having a striptease moment when wearing this one out and about. This took some care in cutting out because the left and right were different but putting it together was so fun, fast and easy. The only challenging part was the diamond inset but I basted the whole thing together before really sewing it and it came out great. I am loving this rayon print from Telalinda too, so pretty and so feminine. 

As you have guessed, no real garment posts again, just not feeling it. I am so thankful for this great  dress form who is at this moment doing all the work for me in modelling. Isn't she a champ? 


  1. It's a lovely dress, and as nice as your dress form is, I'm sure the gown will look much better on you! Can't wait to see you modeling it

  2. Absolutely a very nice pattern and the fabric design a super vintage Spring design! Looks very comfortable; enjoy wearing it! What accessories do you plan to use? Anna

  3. I love it! Thank you for sharing !

  4. Super cute dress! Great fabric. Looking forward to seeing it with accessories someday. :)



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