1943 Golden Floral Wrap Dress


If this dress looks familiar, it is because it is. I already shared this charming number in a sewing post but that was before I was really in the mood to model it. Well, as you can see I am finally wearing it. Spring is just starting to peek out from behind the clouds and it feels so wonderful! I really like how this turned out, it is so easy to wear and it looks fabulous. The pattern is one that you may be familiar with already as it is an Eva Dress pattern. You can check it out here if you are interested. The fabric is a rayon crepe print from Telalinda which you can see here if interested. I really love this fabric, its so soft, drapey and just meant for wrap dresses in my opinion. Best of all, it pairs amazingly well with my original 40s tilt hat and swing coat. I love it when a look just comes together like this. 


  1. Bravo you! Another gorgeous dress and ensemble. You continue to inspire.


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