A Bunch of Blue Posies


A bunch of blue posies today from the first booklet I got on how to make little felt flowers. At first, I was not too sure on the idea of blue posies, but they have really grown on me as of late and they remind of giant forget-me-nots. When I had the flowers finished and sewn together into a bunch, I wanted to add a little something extra to them - a blue satin ribbon. Mostly because my side goal this year is to use as much of my sewing remnants as possible, including my odds ands and ends of trims. I don't plan on using all of my odds and ends but I want to put a dent into the pile and finally get around to putting them to good use. . . After all, what is the point of having these pretties if all they will do is live in a drawer? I was not too sure at first about the ribbon but it has grown on me and it will stay.