1940s Floral Sprigs


I made this 1940s square necked dress last year over the winter. . . I was trying to beat the winter blues by sewing something I could look forward to wearing. I chose a pattern that I sitting in my pattern box for years (I could not even tell you how long I've have had it . . .yikes). Well, after all this time I made it up at last in a black background dainty floral. With the floral, I trimmed out the dress in a white cotton lace that was a part of my vintage mystery box from Emily's Vintage Visions. When I was making up the dress, I decided right away to put this trim on it because it just worked . . . And it outlined the seams of the bodice which I think are quite interesting.  Also from the mystery box were these little white round ball buttons which I added to this dress as a decorative element at the back of the dress yoke. I will admit that this pattern was a bit fussy, but I like it overall. 


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