April Vintage Haul


My vintage treasures from the month of April! This year when I buy vintage, I am trying to buy whole "outfits" when possible, like a dress with matching jewelry or a dress with a matching hat or glove. If not, then I buy pieces that will already work with what I have. I tell you, that is a bit harder than it looks! Already I had to pass up a cute as can be dress because otherwise I would have had to track down and buy all new accessories just to go with it. Same with a hat. . .It was super cute but I had nothing I could have worn with it. 

So what was in my haul for the month of April? Well, this month I found two dresses - a grey cotton shirtwaist with cool shirring detail and then a navy-blue rayon dress with interesting deep yellow inserts. The navy dress was bought for a bargain! With the navy dress, I found a small straw hat and yellow screw back earrings to complete the whole look - all found at the same place to. What luck! 

For the grey cotton shirtwaist, I found that one along with a grey straw hat to match. meant to be and I bought them together. I also found with them a white straw hat with red/white/blue flowers. I thought the floral hat just screamed summer and I already knew I had quite a few outfits that I would be able to wear with it. I also found an ivory rayon blouse with embroidered collar. . . A perfect blouse for all my suits. 

Can we talk about jewelry for a moment? This month was a great month for jewelry! Including this very, VERY cool celluloid orchid with hints of hot pink. This was way too cool to pass on. I also got a few other pins including a large rhinestone brooch that comes apart to be dress clips. how cool is that? 

Also in my haul is a gift from my sweetheart! Wife Dressing by Anne Fogarty. He found it online and sent it to me as a surprise. I have already read it cover to cover and it's a great book. If I feel up to it, I will do a review because there was some great advice in it. There was also some stull in it that I kind of disagreed with fashion sense wise, but I think that will be a discussion for another time. Best of all, its a vintage copy and not a modern re print. My sweetie knows me so well because I always prefer the older editions.