Celebrating Tulip Time Day 2: Windmill Island Gardens


Day 2 of playing the tourist took us to Windmill Island, The home of the De Zwaan Windmill , more tulips, and also some architectural pieces like buildings, dams, bridges, gazebos, and more. This place is just as beautiful as Veldheer's in its own unique way. Like the day before, we were at this place extra early to beat the crowds but it got busy fast. The rain did not scare many away. All day there was a light misty rain and I was happy to have brought the umbrella along. With that said, this day was tricky to dress for but I went a more casual route with a peachy pink striped shirtwaist dress, white beaded sweater, and in the event the sun did come out, a large hat. Not the most fashionable like at Veldheer's but still very comfortable and practical. We did a lot of walking around because not only did we tour the gardens but we hit downtown Holland for shopping, corn dogs, French fries, and elephant ears. Then we wrapped up the day with watching the big parade. I actually look forward to watching the parade, it's the only time of year I can see my plumber, the Wienermobile, and a few friends all in one place. Which, yes, I got my photo taken with the WIENERMOBILE!! I was so excited when I saw that thing and I knew instantly I needed my photo taken with it. I also wore my little Tulip Time pin. I thought it was the perfect opportunity and it looked great with my outfit.