Two Piece Linen Dress


This was a project!! But it was so worth the effort! I present to you a two-piece linen dress with asymmetrical collar applique and trimming. To start off on this one, I saw this amazing brown linen from Burnley and Trowbridge and knew I would want to do something with it. When I was sorting through my patterns, I came to be conclusion that a two-piece dress was it. It was something that would have been new to me and also perfect for summer. It would also use up my brass tone buttons that have been sitting in my sewing drawer since last summer. I originally bought them for my Kilroy Dress but chose another button. As for the pattern, although a linen two-piece dress is ne to me, a two piece in general is not as I had made the pattern before here with a wool version which you can see here

So the linen two piece . . . .When I was making this one up, I wanted to do something different to it and also use up some scraps. So, I took some of my smaller leftover buttons and added some collar tabs. I am really happy how that turned out. When I was pinning them into place, I was not sure about them until I slept on the idea. The next morning, I was sewing them into place and the rest is history. 

When I got these photos, it wasn't quite warm enough to go without a coat but no worries, my spring weight swing coat in buttery yellow came to the rescue and it looked fabulous with my green 40s bonnet and little felt marigold flowers.