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UPDATE! Due to a hard drive crash that was a total loss, and I mean a total loss, I no longer have the ruler PDF available. 


The 1940s are often characterized with practicality, utility, and that undeniable hint of glamour. The shirtwaist dress, I believe, embodies the fashion of the 40s because it was a garment that was practical above all else and still was fashionable. The shirtwaist dress was also worn by women from all walks of life regardless of their occupation, age, country of origin, or overall station life. For me, the shirtwaist dress was the pinnacle of 40s fashion . .  . . In the United States, Great Britain, and even in Germany, a woman could easily be found sporting a shirtwaist dress. Utility fashion promoted it and in the United States, pre printed patterns and fashion magazines championed it. Even in Germany, the shirtwaist dress was offered for women in pattern books, fashion magazines, and the like.
The shirtwaist dress is an easy dress to design, assemble, and wear and for that reason I have chosen to offer one of my Lutterloh shirtwaist patterns and complete tutorials for how to make it, apply some simple variations, and whip up some accessories that can be worn with it. This page is here to record all the links, patterns, and tutorials for the Lutterloh Shirtwaist Sew Along so that they may be referenced later.

Accessories to Compliment your Shirtwaist
My Completed Shirtwaist Dress /Show and Tell

Of course, the shirtwaist dress is not just a spring or summer garment, it can be an all season frock as well. For my second sew along, a shirtwaist dress for the winter months with long sleeves, double breasted bodice, and pleated skirt. Very much like the first sew along shirtwaist, this dress is a simple one but with some new variations. Need a new dress for the coming reenacting season? Well the Winter Lutterloh Sew Along may be a grand opportunity! For this sew along too, I have made two versions so that you can see how many things you can do with a simple pattern and some creativity.

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