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For the most part, my interests in the 40s revolves around women's fashion in Nazi Germany. This topic has been an interest of mine for a couple of years now as a result of a research paper I completed. In my research, I found very little content about women's fashion in Nazi Germany except for a few stray texts and a great deal of primary source material in my own collection.  I was rather disappointed in lack of information available to the average reader so I started this blog to not only continue my studies but to offer my research to others who may find it of use. Keep in mind that what I have done here is what I would say is in the "rough draft" stage because I am by no means an expert but a serial hobbyist. . . This research will change or be updated as I go based on the sources that come my way.

Themes Concerning Fashion, Beauty and More 

German Fashion in Photos Series. Using my collection of original photos, I am taking each one at a time and breaking them down to really study what is being worn. 

Hair and Make Up for the German WWII Civilian
Hair tutorials based off of original photos and to wrap it up a bit about make up . . .Hair and Make up can be a challenge for a WWII reenactor especially for a German impression. There is a lot out there on how to look glamourous but that will not work for all impressions. For this post, I took a small sample of German photos and took a good look at hair styles studying how they could have been done. A step by step guild for an assortment of period correct German Civilian dos.
Need some ideas and a little research on what German civilian ladies wore on their legs and feet? Head wear? Check out this post then. 
When making a look, which is better? Magazines or photos? 
how French and German fashion interact. 
Dressing the German Civilian
Dressing as a civilian may appear super easy but unless you know what you are doing it can be a challenge. Here I give my thoughts on how to dress a German civilian from the skin out and from head to toe. This is a lot of info and over time I hope to delve into each topic in more detail some day.
German Jewelry in Photographs
A closer look at German jewelry with originals in comparison.
An Original German Photo Album Part 1
This is the first part of a large German photo album that I broke into parts. This one focuses on a late 30s wedding complete with bride, groom, and the whole wedding party.
An Original German Photo Album Part 2
Outdoor adventures abound in this second instalment. From mountain climbing, picnics and strolls in the garden. . .
An Original German Photo Album Part 3
Y0ung children, youths and juveniles are the focus here.
An Original German Photo Alum Part 4
A look at the holiday season, Christmas in Germany.
An Original German Photo Alum Part 5
Family portraits offer a great  view of multi generational clothing. You get an idea of who was wearing what at different ages in the same family.
Necklaces, earrings, and more . . .A quick look at adding jewelry for a German impression
This is a different and unique pattern drafting system that has been in my collection. Take a look for more examples of women's wear, children's wear and even some men's wear. There are some service uniforms as well for nurses, doctors, and dentists.
Original German Photo Album Number 1
A Closer look at one of my original German photo albums with great images of civilian attire. Covering outerwear, dresses, separates, footwear, and more. This album was owned ( I think) by a young women and this album is of her and her friends and female family members. Take a close look yourself.
Using period pattern books, magazines, and original garments this post is about a finer detail in German dress making - the colors and prints used in German fashion. In short, German women made use of vibrant colors and prints to make cheerful frocks and blouses in a war torn era very much like their American sisters.
Taking a Closer Look at Two Original German Dresses in My Collection
Studying original clothes is a real treat no matter the decade you are studying. For this post, I took two of my original German dresses and have detailed what they look like on the inside and the little details that otherwise would be missed in a traditional garment post.
Fashionable Trimmings in German Fashion
A brief round up of an assortment of dress trimmings found in German fashion such a ruffles, pleating, applique, and rickrack. Using a selection of period magazines, patterns, and photographs, one can see that the clothes worn by these women were built with a level of creativity and ingenuity.
Furs in German Fashion
How often were furs worn by women in Nazi Germany and were women even wearing furs here at this time? Yes they were by some women.
German Dress Characteristics
Post concerning what some distinctive characteristics of women's dresses and garments in 1940s Germany had such as long tight sleeves, high necklines, and the like.
Only One?
A post about the only maternity gown in all of my war time German Pattern Collection. Why would there only be one such garment considering Nazi Germany wanted women to produce so many
children for the Reich?
Cinema and Fashion in Nazi Germany
How the silver screen influenced fashion in Nazi Germany.
Alles ist Hut! or the Hat is Everything!  
The power of a good hat during rationing and shortages.
"That Monthly Problem"
How women dealt with that "monthly problem" with rationing and shortages.
The Dirndle or Trachtenkleidung
A post discussing the traditional costumes worn in Nazi Germany and if women truly wore them.
Culturally Influenced Fashion in Nazi Germany
How Nazi Germany's fashion was influenced by fashion from around the globe and how other countries were inspired by Germany's fashion too.
The Victorian Element
The 19th century element  that often shows up in women's fashion from 1940s Germany and why this interesting tend in worth looking at.
Cosmetics and Beauty in Nazi Germany
Did women in Nazi Germany wear make up? Yes, yes they did.
Masculine Women's Wear in Nazi Germany
The interesting trend of masculine women's wear in Nazi Germany and why it is rather peculiar when Nazi Germany desired a very feminine image for their women.
Rationing and Shortages
How rationing, shortages impacted women's fashion in 1940s Germany.
1943 and Aus Alt mach Neu
The clever ways of making clothing last during the war years when shortages were most drastic.
The desired image Nazi ideology had for their women.
The "New Woman"
The image women in 1940s Germany were exposed to and an image many conformed to despite Nazi ideology
The Edelweiss
A Vintage Necessity: Red Lipstick
Women wearing red lip stick again in Nazi Germany
The French Fashion Industry
The role the French fashion industry played in German fashion.
Reich Bride Schools
An aspect that many women who aspired to become Nazi brides were exposed to. This school was established to train women how to become the ideal Nazi woman.
Dress Peplums in German Fashion - A brief study of dress peplums in German fashion looking at fashion magazines, pattern, books and other sources.
The Éclair Coupe Paris - A French Pattern System

According to Der Goldene Schnitt . . .

Sewing up a wardrobe for a German Civilian impression and need some inspiration? May I recommend the According to Der Goldene Schnitt posts/ series? These posts highlight specific details or features found in my pattern books. From these you can see pockets, hats, hair dos, trimmings, and so much more!

Square Necklines According to Der Goldene Schnitt
Pockets According to Der Goldene Schnitt
Evening and Formal Wear According to Der Goldene Schnitt
Summer Play Clothes According to Der Goldene Schnitt
Aprons According to Der Goldene Schnitt
40s Hats According to Der Goldene Schnitt Part 2, Part 1
Turbans and Head Wraps According to Der Goldene Schnitt
40s Capes According to Der Goldene Schnitt
Collars and Cuffs According to Der Goldene Schnitt
40s Hair According to Der Goldene Schnitt
Bras, Slips, and Tap Pants According to Der Goldene Schnitt

Fashion Magazines & Other Period Sources

The NS Frauen - Warte was the leading magazine for women in the Third Reich. Inside it its pages was content promoting the woman as the homemaker and the future of the Reich in the form of a mother bearing racially pure children for the future. Although these magazines had their heavy dose of Nazi ideology, there were also many pages devoted to women's fashion. Below are the links to my previous posts showing only the images loaded with dresses, coats, blouses, skirts, and so much more. For anyone looking for  images of what women in Nazi Germany were wearing or maybe wanted to wear, I would recommend these. These images are on the high fashion side of things but some of the pages gave hints on how to remake clothes from old coats and more.

The Frauen - Warte, 1942- 1941 Part 2, Part 1
The Frauen - Warte, 1942-1943 Part 2, Part 1
The Frauen - Warte, 1943-1944
The Frauen - Warte, 1944-1945
Frauen - Warte 1935 - 1936 Part 5, Part 4 , Part 3, Part 2, Part 1

Model Album - Frohne : A mid 30s German pattern book that uses a system similar to Lutterloh

Deutsche Moden Zeitung 1943, and also 1940 : German pattern magazine with numerous images and patterns  

Free German Patterns
Collars and Accessories:

Other Patterns that are Mine or US but would work well for German:

Women's Dresses and Suits:

Need some step by step help with a basic shirt waist style dress? Check out my sew along here for a free pattern, inspiration, and more.

Women's Blouses and Skirts:

Women's Outer Wear:

Women's Lounge Wear and Under Garments

Men's Wear:

Children's Wear:



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