Who Are You?

Hey! Who are you? I know who I am. . . do you?

 If you clicked on this tab, then your curiosity must have been peaked as to who I am and what this blog is about. Sure you could search to my very first ever blog post and find out and micro analyze every post on this site or else you can just keep on reading . . . I sure you will just keep on reading . . . easier, yes?
My name is Jennie and I wear vintage on a daily basis, am a farmer, a reenactor, and  have been sewing since I was a tot (so a very long time). I started making cloth dolls from body to garb (doll clothing) and eventually that developed into costuming. Some of my first projects for my self included a witch costume and a very inaccurate Civil War dress. After costuming myself for a couple brief years I became a reenactor (Civil War) to really put my skills to the test. It was through this convoluted hobby that I strove to combine my sewing and research skills to create clothes that are authentic as possible. This hobby also inspired me to pursue a degree in history, create a sutlery, and also create this blog.

What will you find on this blog you ask? Here you will find a lot of information about 1940s German women's wear from research posts to my own makes from my extensive collection of German patterns all from the war years. Does that make me a Nazi because I like to sew, study and work with WWII German patterns? Absolutely not. Just someone who finds the era and location particularly fascinating. Also, I believe there is so much out there on the web about 1940s American fashion that German seems to get left behind, a shame because it is a very rich subject. As a whole, I have plenty to keep me occupied and out of trouble. What kind of trouble? I don't know, I stay too busy to find out.

Wondering about the title of this blog? I bet you are and its because things can get a little ugly around here.  . . .That's what happens when you sew your own wardrobe, hunt for vintage finds, and conduct a little research here and there. . .  But on a more serious note I believe that it is important to have a sense of humor and be able to make fun of ones self. You see, I was not consdered a beauty growing up. Even members of my own family made me know I was not a beauty along with some I went to school with. I was bullied a bit  . . o.k. sometimes a lot and it had an impact on me in how I saw myself. I had a really low self esteem up until I started to wear vintage which gave me a confidence I did not know I had. Since I felt that did not fit into the traditional sense of beauty, at all, I felt like I had been given a blank check in life. . . I figured since I wasn't attractive in the modern sense I could do what ever I wanted and no one would care or give me a second look. I saw myself as an ugly person and that worked in my favor because as a I got older I started to not give a crap about the opinions of others. The bullying gave me a really thick skin.Wearing vintage really sticks out (a lot more than a I thought - honesty) and its definitely not for the person who is timid and who's style choices are dictated by the masses.
So why the name "The Ugly Dame"? Why not something . . . well. . . prettier? Well I decided to call myself The Ugly Dame because I decided to roll with the names people have called me and prove them wrong. .  I decided to use their words against them you could say . . If they want to still call me ugly (and many of my family and others still do actually) then fine by them.  One thing I have learned in life is that I cannot change the opinions of others and I cannot change how they think or see me. There is nothing I can do about it. Once I learned that, I was liberated . . .because I decided then I might as well do what I like and do what pleases me  . . Screw them. . If they think that makes me an Ugly Dame then so be it. Ugly is beautiful too.